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Welcome to Annamalai’s View. Here I am trying to express my thoughts for my reference. I am also very happy if anyone reading this gets benefit from my reference.

First of all, I am a passionate and efficient Full Stack Developer with 5+ years of hands-on experience in scalable application development and maintenance using different technologies and programming languages. Received ‘Heroic Coding Award’ and ‘Above and Beyond Award’ for developing software components of Ecommerce Platform with best quality from Infosys Equinox(formerly SKAVA, An Infosys Company). In Infosys Equinox, I’ve built e-commerce platform components which can support placing more than 10 thousand orders per Minute. Now working for ComeOn Group. Here we are developing and maintaining a platform with Responsible Gaming Experience for Highly Regulated International Gaming Markets.

I have many things to say about this blog itself. I have hosted this blog(wordpress) on Always Free Instance from the Oracle Cloud. I have also protected this site by adding Free SSL certificates from the Let’s Encrypt by cerbot. Also I am getting benefits from Free Services of Cloudflare. Here, I have only spent my money for my domain. I got this domain from Mitsu Inc. You can also try the Freenom to get free domains. But now they are not allowing us to get free domains because of some technical problem. If I get any updates from Freenom I will update my reference as well.

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Annamalai Palanikumar.






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